Every digitization period has asked for changes in competencies, behaviour and leadership - this one is not different.

The success of any digitization project will depend on a variety of factors. Using an online- survey we can offer you some first insight on the readiness of your company and employees for a digital transformation.

New technologies will change processes, communication and data management. This will challenge employees as well as the whole organization.

Introducing new technologies often involve substantial financial risks that need to be identified and evaluated upfront. Anyone having introduced an ERP or BI system is well aware of the difficulty to find the right workflow balance between agility and safeguarding sensible information.

A Digital Readiness Check (DRC) concentrates on those factors that are key for a digitization project to be successful. It includes adjustments of processes and decision frameworks as well as training requirements for employees.

An on-line survey is able to show very rapidly if there is any need for your company to act and where or if you are already well prepared.

Highlighted opportunities for improvement possibilities will be followed up with structured interviews or further online checks to find where quick wins can be achieved or more fundamental changes are needed. Those indications will be turned into realistic and practical recommendations as well as a detailed plan for execution.

Support for your team throughout the whole implementation can be provided