Identifying the right person for the job to be done

Every hiring process or new assignment consume time and money. Identifying the right person for the job will not only avoid unnecessary costs but also make better use of existing talents and competencies.

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is a psychometric test, developed by Robert S. Hartmann. It is used worldwide for employee assessment and development and can be used to test a single person or entire teams. Both, given strength and current focus are determined. A special module has been developed for assessment and development of sales staff.

MBTI Module I & II

They are based on Carl Gustav Jung and intended to capture behavioral preferences. The indicator is often used for coaching and employee development. It provides leads to reflect on one´s own behavior as well as understanding behavior of others.

Reflector Big Five Personality

is based on the “Big Five” personality development model that has been verified in a number of empirical studies and has been established as one of the most accepted models of personality psychology. Contrary to the classical clinical model this test has been adapted for business environment. It provides indications for competencies such as management, leadership, business acumen, analysis and decision making as well as communication, personality and motivation.