Your employees are essential for becoming more competitive

There is a classic rule for every company: not only processes and technology determine competitiveness but the capability of employees to master new structures, workflows and technologies successfully.

Finding the most capable person for a position

To accomplish this a company has to identify the key positions and their required core competences and has to incorporate them into their strategy. Competences and capabilities are usually separated into technical/ professional and interpersonal/ social. Any organizational change i.e. introduction of new technologies or a digitization project demands a structured check regarding necessary competences to ensure that the whole organization is capable of actively and effectively supporting a company strategy.

In most companies, activities/ workplaces are assigned to certain categories. As a first step there should be a design of the required professional and social competencies for each category.

Individual training and development plans will result from this exercise.

Not every employee will embrace changes They might be anxious and insecure, afraid of missing expectations.  But your employees are key to the outcome of your new strategies Success or failure will depend on their competencies and positive embracement.

By helping them to acquire the necessary competencies your employees will be turned into active supporters of new projects