Managing conflicts constructively instead of wasting valuable resources

Conflicts arise when people or parties assume that others impede their objectives, disregards their values and believes or progress activities at their costs. 

Effective conflict management means identifying root causes and defining mutual benefits

Insufficient communication, personal expectations and anxieties are most common triggers for conflict in a business environment. Once conflicts arise people will start to allocate a significant amount of valuable time and energy to position themselves and protect their goals and believes instead of understanding the root cause and working acceptable solutions.

However, coping strategies for conflicts will depend on personality and situation. Some will attack, giving in, avoid confrontation or compromise. The most effective solution to work a conflict will therefore consider people and circumstances. For many reasons it is easier for an external to recognize potential conflict as they are not directly involved and thus are more objective.

For example, every organizational change is prone to lead to conflicts. Ignoring or handling them inappropriately can be costly and extremely destructive. And once parties have started to implement actions it is in general impossible to resolve conflict successfully without external support.


Necessary Steps

Identifing conflict and addressing  them sustainably.

Training employees to assess people and situation and to select the most appropriate method to address the conflict

Raise awareness for intercultural differences and how to turn them into a positive result for your company.

Many conflicts don´t originate from facts but from different personal viewpoints