Turn your employees into champions for any change project

The biggest challenge for a human being is not to accept new ideas – it is moving them to forget about the old ones (John Maynard Keynes). If you succeed in moving your employees to actively support changes their motivation and engagement will have a significant impact on the success and sustainability of changes.

Everybody understands the need for change – but does not want to be impacted

Changes are uncomfortable and acquire additional work – which often leads to resistance and conflict. In addition to the day-to-day job new processes and technologies have to be adapted, employees have to get used to new teams and have to further develop their own competences. The leadership team is very often convinced that comprehensive communication will only result in concern or disruptions.

 The contrary is true – a well- defined communication strategy is one of the major success factors of any change.  A detailed communication plan, based on the people involved will bring transparency and will give every employee the opportunity to be informed and to become engaged in the project. Regular, professionally designed change workshops will support the process and foster cross functional team work.

Planning, steering and executing your change project is very often a neglected due to daily work requirements. Developing a detailed action plan from “As-is-status” to “To-be status”, including risk management, resource and training requirements and a detailed shareholder- and communication plan should be a must.

Engage your colleagues and become five times more successful than others in executing change