Spending your training and development budget for what it is needed

Every year companies are spending billions of Euros for surveys, training and development activities around company culture and values

  • But what is the return for this activity (ROI)?
  • How and why were topics chosen?

Functions and departments tend to have different strengths and weaknesses and therefore need tailored programs to achieve motivation and engagement and thus, supporting company growth.

Motivated employees are not only more productive – they are also your best ambassadors in the “Fight for Talent”.

An online Potential Analysis contains all relevant factors for work content, leadership qualification and working environment. It enables you to define focused training and development programs that will have a positive impact on motivation and productivity.

Applying it across functions and locations it will provide “Internal Benchmarks” that will show the different strengths and weaknesses of every function / location as mentioned earlier. It will allow you to build on the strengths and transfer best practices and to understand and work on your areas for improvement.  Training and development programs can be developed tailor made which will save time and money.

The whole process involves 4 steps:

  • Quick analysis to define if action is needed
  • Detailed survey for internal benchmarking on strengths and weaknesses
  • Design and planning of concrete activities, timing and resource planning
  • Execution

Engaging employee and using their feedback to provide training where it is needed,  saving time and money